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Eleven Plus Easter Mock Test and workshops Book now; Ph. 07942 964846

We are now taking bookings for our Eleven plus Mock test and Workshops.

Faversham College and Tutor Centre use GL Assessment papers that follow a similar format set for the Kent Test.These are the publishers used for the verbal and nonverbal Kent test. The Mock Tests will be held in exam conditions to help your child prepare for what will happen on the actual exam day.  This format will be modified and updated along with any changes announced by Kent County Council.

Book Now for Easter and Summer School places. 

Book online now or contact us via our contact page.

Ph 07942 964 846

Exam skills are crucial to success

11 Plus Exam Technique
To hone a child’s examination techniques we discuss with him or her the different aspects of preparing for the 11+. We also talk to parents so that they can help their children study by knowing what to work on and how best to help prepare their child.

"Our daughter was a little nervous about her week studying but was made very welcome.

She found the tutors very helpful and encouraging.The Mock exam was a great way for her to be prepared and the areas where mistakes were made were fully covered and explained in the Summer school." Thank you, Tom Perkins.

Our Maths programme

11 Plus Mathematics
The 11 plus Mathematics part of the course is comprised of the 30 main topics. As the children work through their course, they will be expected to complete examples and make notes while doing so. Children are expected to spend approximately seven minutes on each topic. We  work through any aspect misunderstood on the mock test equipping your child with the rules and skills needed to answer the questions correctly.We ensure all children are fully able to calculate using the four operations. 

Eleven Plus Tuition

We have a detailed eleven plus programme for children from Year Four.

We teach reading and writing skills, verbal and non verbal reasoning and Maths.