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 At Faversham tutors we offer support for your child through our English phoneme programme and our specialist therapy programme. These work alongside each other to help your child to cope with the skills needed to progress in school.

A thorough formal assessment is comprised of tests in five different areas

  • Sensory/Motor Skills
  • Physical Health/Development
  • Academic Performance
  • Cognition
  • Communication.

Word pronunciation and sentence formation: 

These skills can be difficult for individuals with dyslexia. When trying to pronounce a word, an individual will sound it out in his or her head. If the letters or sounds are mixed up, which sometimes happens with dyslexic patients, pronunciation is more difficult. This goes with sentence formation  if an individual is struggling to put words together, putting sentences together is going to be a problem as well.

Oral comprehension:

 This is once again a processing skill. Individuals with dyslexia may have difficulty with oral comprehension because it takes them longer to make sense of the words they are hearing. Their ability to comprehend a text is often above average.

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