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We only use qualified teachers at our Centre.

At Faversham Tutor Centre we are focused on providing the same quality services with the highest levels of parent/carer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We are building a friendly and welcoming service in Faversham and now offer a service for students with Dyslexia. Please see our page Dyslexia Therapist. Call or email us now to book a free assessment for your child.

Why us? 

At Faversham Tutor Centre we know that every child is different, and we approach every child according to their individual needs in Maths English and Reasoning..

Our assessments diagnose your child's gaps in their learning and identify their strengths. We then teach them the skills and knowledge they need to progress and reach their potential in Maths and English.

We pride ourselves on seeing our students develop independent learning skills and increased self-confidence as they work out how to overcome challenges by themselves.